Tips For Applying Eyeliner 1

Applying Eyeliner On Your Eyes:

It is not easy to applying eyeliner on your eyes because first of all you must need to know what is the shape of (which you want to apply eyeliner on it). There are many types of eye shapes like Asian eye, wide set eyes, round eye, almond shaped eye, small eyes and large eyes. Let’s start, we have write some important but common tips for the applying of eyeliner on eye.

Eye pencil makes eyeliner shape:

First of all highlight the eye location (all around area from lower eye lashes to the eyebrow) by the key elements of any eyeshadow box. Take a black eye pencil and make light shape of the eye(how you want to make the shape of eye for applying the eyeliner). After making it take eyeliner and apply it on the eye pencil makes shape. In first step you apply liner lightly on your eyes then in 2 to 3rd step apply dark shaded eyeliner. We have collect some images to conform you how to apply any eyeliner on eyes. Let’s watch every eyeliner picture below in the post.

Tips For Applying Eyeliner 4

Tips For Applying Eyeliner 3

Tips For Applying Eyeliner 2

Tips For Applying Eyeliner 5

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