acne and pimple tips

Oil or pimple problem in skin:

Acne an oil pimple problem in which skin faces the problem of oil red pimples. You are here for reading the solution of of your problem so my dearest friends read the natural solutions of acne problems downward the page. Acne is not found in just girls however it is found in both boys and girls. But acne have so many solutions for the acne problem. Take a lemon and 1 spoon of honey mix the both in a cup and apply it on your face and left it for 15 minutes then wash your face with face wash. It can help your face to stop the oil coming from the skin. Some interesting information are here about saving the skin from acne problem. Try to use less face powder on your face and other cosmetics it can caused by the the skin problems. Wash your face daily with mineral water. Don’t use different whitening creams it have chemical substance which are harmful in acne face problem. We are showing you some pictures you will read other natural solutions of this problem.

 acne tips 1 acne tips 2 acne tips and care

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