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Hey girls if you have dry skin and you are worry that Apply Skin Base on your skin don’t worry here I have solution of your problem. Base is very basic part of your makeup if your face will look in equal tone then your make up will look perfect and its true that apply base on dry skin is very tough task because its difficult to handle dry skin. God gifted people having normal skin and its very easy to handle with normal skin. But on the other hand when you talk about dry skin then you have to do some hard-work on your skin before makeup here I will guide your that what have to do before applying base on dry skin. My instructions will help you during makeup. You will be surprised apter applying what will I say.

Apply Skin Base on Dry Skin Before Makeup:

First of all take cleanser of good company which suit you but take care that this cleanser should have oily ingredients in itself. Take cleanser and start massage on your skin by your finger cleanser will exfoliate all the dust and unnecessary particles from your skin and will give glow to your skin. After cleansing wash your face with good and oily face wash which will make your skin fresh and glowing. Let be dry your face then massage your face with eyes cubes it will help your makeup to stay for long time. After this apply toner on your face and left it for 5-10 minutes. Then use moisturizing cream and apply it on whole face and massage it for 2-3 minutes after this take cotton and dip it in rose water and remove moisturizing cream. Then apply any cold cream on your face and left it for few minutes.

Apply Skin Base (1)

Skin Base For Your Dry Skin:

When you feel that dryness of your skin is disappear then take foundation or base according to your skin tone apply it on whole face and melt it with the help of spunch when you feel that face tone become equal then apply concealer on your dark circles and on dark area of face smirch it very softly when it look equal apply face powder on your face with soft hand. By following these steps your base will stay for long time and your skin tone will look equal you can follow this steps every time before makeup or when your going out side ‘ in a wedding or in a party your bade should have to look perfect because your makeup depends on tour base it should be equal ‘ normal and perfect. After doing these steps your face is totally ready for makeup apply makeup on your face and rock the party by your beauty.

Skin Base After Makeup

Apply Skin Base (2)

Skin Base For Girls

Apply Skin Base

Skin Base For Girls Dry Skin

Apply Skin Base (5)

Skin Base Result Before And After

Apply Skin Base (3)

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